At The End: What Conclusions Can Be Made?

Examining celebrity Twitter accounts from the perspective of investigating the self-presentational intent behind them, I feel it is important to say firstly that no celebrity appears to be consistently trying to portray one particular persona (with the exception, perhaps, of Lady GaGa, whom I feel is an exception to most rules in today’s world). Although there is a discernible distinction between celebrities who primarily portray themselves in a personal manner and those who do so in a professional manner, each one occasionally strays into the opposite grouping.
Celebrities who portray themselves formerly as people as opposed to being famous appear to be using Twitter as a medium of their own self-disclosure, allowing the public an insight into their day-to-day lives as something of an antithesis to the tabloids’ image of extremes of highs and lows. Celebrities who show themselves professionally seem to use Twitter as another method of marketing, but one which they completely control. In much the same way as propoganda, they can promote themselves in the precise way they desire. Both methods, I believe, have their intended effect for the celebrity using either one.


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