Spending All My Time On Twitter? Now THAT’S Coursework I Can Get Behind!

The first thing I noticed about writing an essay in blog posts is how I obviously do not adhere to suggested word counts in any of my other essays. The fact is my methodology had to be padded out in order to hit just below 200, whilst my discussion could have run on and on; stopping myself from starting points I wouldn’t have the time to finish is not something I’m used to doing.
I also saw, about three-quarters of the way through writing, that this is an enormous topic. 1600 words was never going to be enough to adequately address it to my own satisfaction. It was, however, mentally stimulating to look at celebrity Twitter accounts from a deeper perspective, and I hope I’ve shown how interesting I found analysing celebrity self-presentation.
Considering I would not have judged myself particularly techno-savvy, I’m praying all the hyperlinks work. Although it all seems to be tickedy-boo currently, I am still something of a panicker.


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